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Assalam u alaikum, welcome to The Journey of Deen and Dunya. It’s been nine years since I started my initial minor dawah work. I had started studying Islam on my own and I would share my findings with those around me and on my socials (Facebook, Whatsapp). Then I began my Bachelor’s in Islamic Studies and put the dawah work on hold to focus on gaining knowledge. I had always considered dawah as a duty of mine and so sharing interesting and important information with my friends and family, fulfilled that duty until I was able to give it more time. 

Fast forward to 2020 when I decided that I could no longer waste time and had to give back to the ummah, I started contemplating on which social platforms I could best utilize, as 2020 was the year of social distancing and everything had gone virtual the internet seemed like the best option. 

With the Journey of Deen and Dunya I wanted to show people that they don’t need to choose one of the two extremes between being religious and being a worldly success oriented individual. You can do both. Choosing the middle path is what Islam entails. There can and there needs to be a balance between the Deen and Dunya. So, I am going to share what it’s like to carry both the Dunya and the Deen side by side, in hopes to motivate and inspire others.

Now in 2021, I finally put everything together here on one website. My Deen and Dunya. Here, I will combine my art and design skills along with Islamic knowledge to share the basis and the fundamentals of Islam as well as things not commonly known or talked about. There will be Islamic reminders, stories and Fiqh issues as well as practices which will ( insha’Allah) help us establish a stronger connection with Allah. I have divided this site into several sections one of which is focused on mental health and personal development, as I believe that’s something WE ALL need to work on. I’m also a Graphic Designer and Artist and  have devoted a section to displaying a broad range of my artistic work . As well as another section which holds various resources for those wanting to dive in further into knowledge of Deen and self-help.

The Blog is the main way I will regularly communicate with you, expressing my thoughts and opinions, sharing something exciting that I find, tips and advice to balance the Deen and Dunya and my experiences and journey. You can follow me on Instagram for regular updates of my content and projects as well as Youtube where I will be uploading videos on my journey along with reminders. If you feel like reaching out, asking something or would like to be a part of this journey and share something to be posted, you can always contact me!


Mariam Ahmad

Mariam Ahmad

Founder & Creator of JDD

I’m a passionate girl who loves to design and illustrate. I have an associate’s degree in graphic design and make illustrations on my own time. I have worked with a diversity of clients in graphic design, digital illustrations, traditional paintings, and photography.