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The Journey of Deen & Dunya

What exactly is it?

The concept of Journey of Deen & Dunya (JDD) is put together to balance our lives without having to give up on the deen or dunya. You will find great deal of content here related to deen and dunya. Along with that, there is a blog which is updated weekly with great information related to JDD. There is a section for Personal Development as well to help us to develop ourselves.

Latest Entries

Qur’an the Spring of my heart

Qur’an the Spring of my heart

STORIES & EXPERIENCESMariam Ahmad, Writer of the Article,Creator and Founder of JDD24th March, 2021An art teacher said once: one day, I asked my little students in the primary class to draw the...

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Imam an-Nawawi

Imam an-Nawawi

MARIAM AHMADAuthor, Creator and Founder of JDDImam An-Nawawi or Abu Zakariya Mohiuddin Yahya ibn Sharaf Al-Nawawi was born in 631H (1233 C.E) at a place near Damascus, called Nawa. He was said to...

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Lack of Tawhid, causing failure

Lack of Tawhid, causing failure

Mariam Ahmad, Writer of the Article,Creator and Founder of JDD05 December, 2021 Today, I was studying for my Islamic business management class, which entails the means of business success as well as...

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Contents of JDD


Principles of religion – here you will find content related to the principles of islam.


Find broad range of my work. There are illustrations, photography, paintings, and graphic designs.

Personal Development

Find yourself lacking in skills or having issues with your productivity? Here, you will find material which can help you develop yourself to increase your skills and productivity.


Find various resources related to deen and dunya. my collection includes articles, books, courses, lectures, charities, and list of useful websites.


Hello! I’m Mariam

I’m a passionate girl who loves to design and illustrate. I have an associates degree in graphic design and make illustrations on my own time. I have worked with a diversity of clients in graphic design, digital illustrations, traditional paintings, and photography.

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What People Are Saying About My Design Work

“Mariam is a very talented young lady with a creative mind and extraordinary sense of art. I really enjoy her artsy things. Whatever she does whether it’s a capture, a piece of art, or a DIY, it turns out beautiful and flawless. I love her work and would 100% recommend it to others in a heartbeat. “

Javeria Manzoor

“I have seen some of Mariam’s work and I can confidently say that she has immense talent and skills. She loves natural beauty and loves to capture it in her work. I appreciate the delicate details in her work, her ideas, and her creativity. I admire her work and would definitely recommend it to anyone who values and appreciates the beauty and quality of work “

Mustafa Hussain