Dua for Ease in all matters


November, 2022

Mariam Ahmad

Mariam Ahmad

Writer, Creator and Founder of JDD

Do you ever go through problems and tough situations and bear them thinking they’re just normal tests of this Dunya?


Being human I believe we do this out of habit. Sometimes, more than we’d like to admit, we just let situations overwhelm us or cause us stress because we think it’s normal or that it’s not such a big deal and we can get through it.

But why wait and get through it? Yes being patient is always recommended and preached in Islam but another thing that’s also recommended is precaution. 

Precaution over cure. It’s better to try and prevent a stressful situation instead of letting it happen and then try to solve it. And Allah has made Islam so beautiful and complete that there is always a way out of a difficulty if we turn to Allah and ask for His Protection and Blessings. A powerful and simple dua that you can use daily before doing any act that you’d like ease in is


A short and simple dua that can be memorized easily. 

Try and make it a habit of reciting this before doing anything to attain ease an Allah’s blessings in all your tasks.


Remember, the best way to make a dua is with sincere intentions and to have firm complete Faith in Allah and His Abilities.

Let me know, if this dua makes a difference in your life.